Ray of Sunshine

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Little Ms. Ava was such a good sport and truly a ray of sunshine.   We ventured out to Fred Howard Park  in Tarpon Springs to capture some silly and fun photos.  Ava is a model in the making.  No need to prompt her to pose with her hand on her hip. That came naturally.

After some leaf collecting we made it to the water where Ava got to splash and be the silly little girl that she is.  I loved capturing her great laugh.  From there we ventured to some flower picking which every little girl should do at some point in her life.  Big girls too if you ask me.


I had the best time with this cutie pie and can’t wait to continue to capture her as she grows up.  Thank you for being you little Ms. Ava Rose.




And we got to get some much needed ice cream as a treat.




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March 20, 2019



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