Fort DeSoto – Family Session

When you are a photographer and a family comes to you for a second session, it gives you all the feels. When that family plans their vacation to Florida around your availability, there are no words. The Vu family will forever have my heart.

Theresa wanted to have another beach session, but we didn’t want to head to the busy Clearwater beach like we did for their first session. I suggested we head to Fort DeSoto in Saint Pete for their family session. I knew that she would come to the session dressed to the nines. I knew that her kids would be styling. I knew that a location with a neutral background would only enhance their outfits and make them shine.

My Heart Is So Full

Knowing that the beach wouldn’t be filled with people was an added bonus and we were lucky to only share the beach with a couple of other families who had the same idea.

I’m thrilled with the images that we captured.

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June 22, 2021



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