Celebrating the Strength and Beauty that All Women Have!

now it's your time to shine.

Get ready to...

1.   Put YOU first.

2.  Get Pampered

3.   Build Your Confidence.

4.   Get a Ton of Photos that capture YOUR Beauty


There are a lot of reasons you might feel reluctant to have your photograph taken. Maybe you’re concerned about your weight and/or the physical signs of aging. Perhaps having photographs taken of yourself feels like you are showing off.

I’ve heard about and seen all the fears in the women I’ve photographed. I can confidently say…I’ve got your back. If you can put your trust in me, I promise I can help you find and see how WORTHY you are!

All the details

This is how it goes down.

Step ONE

Let's Chat

We will set up a quick call to answer all your questions.  It's a great way for me to get to know you and explain the process.


The Day

Get ready for a celebrity style photoshoot! I’ll guide you throughout your session, and we’ll work our way through outfits & poses. I promise you’ll find the experience fun, rewarding, and most importantly…empowering. 

step three

The Reveal

We’ll meet after your session to review your images. I’m certain you’ll find yourself loving your portraits.  I’ll help you select the best and advise you on what products will serve you best!

Total Value Price: $800

You Only Pay : $325 (+ tax)

Yep your eyes are seeing that correctly.
Now is your time to shine.

As one of my ‘30 over 30’ women, you will receive:

A pre-consultation with me, to discuss how you want to be photographed, what outfits you will wear, etc. 

Professional hair and makeup on the day of the photo shoot (you will feel amazing!)
Make sure you make plans for a night out on the day of your session, either with your girlfriends or your significant other, because you will look absolutely AMAZING.

Your fully guided photo session with me. 
I will pose you from head to toe as well as guide you in some "Candid" shots.

The opportunity to invite loved ones in (your spouse, partner, kids, mom, sister, Fido…you see where I’m going with this) towards the end of your session, for a few portraits together. You’re going to be looking AMAZING, so why not??  Hair and makeup can be added for your family for $250.

A reveal and ordering session where you can see all your beautiful photographs, choose your complimentary print (a 8X10, matted to 11x14, ready to frame image) and have the opportunity to purchase more. 
(Images begin at $150 and I offer collections starting at $800)

Your photos or a video along with your story will be published on social media.
(I would never post an image you’re not happy with)

I'm ready to SHINE!

New friend. who dis?

I'm Suzie, and I'm happy you're here.

I'm the girl behind the camera.  The girl who like you is self conscious and wonders if she is worthy.  The girl who has a story to tell.  The girl who is a wife, a mom, a business owner and who struggles each day to feel comfortable in her own skin.  This is why I feel compelled to work with woman of all ages.  To show. you that YOU ARE WORTHY!  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and YOU ARE A BADA$$!!!    


To do something empowering for yourself.

To honor what makes you beautiful and unique.

To embrace every freckle, line, and scar no matter your age, shape, or size.

To share your story about what it means to be a mature woman.

To help other women realize their potential by stepping out of the shadows.

To learn to love the reflection looking back at you in the mirror.

To acknowledge that self-love isn’t selfish.

My promise to you.

I promise that you will walk away from your session with a big smile and a ton of confidence.  I promise that I will work with you to ensure that we build the perfect shoot to capture your authentic self. 

Don't walk away from celebrating you!

I'm ready

You've  Made It this Far