Cheer and Homecoming – J.W. Mitchell High School

I watched the series Cheer on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and have a new appreciation for what these young men and women go thru day in and day out to be on a cheerleading squad. When Malesa and Marisa’s mom asked me to take their photos so she can have one for her family wall I was so excited.

They didn’t disappoint. Malesa and Marisa are sisters who are both varsity cheerleaders for the J.W. Mitchell High School cheerleading squad. I’ve always wanted a sister and watching these two interact with each other made me wish for it even more. They laughed, they encouraged each other, they were goofy and fun and I loved every second of it.

After this fun shoot, Malesa changed into her homecoming court dress and we finally were able to get her some great photos in her beautiful dress. The night of the homecoming court announcement was a miserable rainy night. This was sooo much better.

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February 22, 2020



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