Best Season for Senior Photos in Tampa

One of the most common questions I get asked is…What is the best season to have my senior photos taken in Tampa?

There are few things to consider when determining what season is best for you:

  • Your favorite season that fits your personality
  • What season’s clothing do you like to wear the most
  • Your schedule and what season works best for everything you have going on
  • If you are sending out graduation party invitations or announcements and when

Think about all of those things above and then read below to see my thoughts on what the different seasons offer so you will be able to determine which is best of your senior photos!

Tampa Florida Senior on the Beach


You are officially a senior!! The last class just graduated and you are now stepping into their shoes. And one of the first things you can do as a senior is have your senior photo taken the summer before you start your senior year of school. June, July and August leading into your senior year are all great months to have your senior photos taken. The weather is hot in Tampa in the summer so keep that in mind. But with the warm weather, comes green grasses, beach glow and long days with beautiful sunsets. If you are someone who wants to show off your tan, you love summer looks such as sundresses with sandals or shorts and cute tops, then summer could be perfect for you. And if you want a fun destination senior photo shoot in your favorite vacation spot, then summer is a great time to set that up! Because summer is less scheduled than during the school year, you will have plenty of time to prepare for your session and you won’t feel overwhelmed with school activities. Plus by having your senior photos taken during the summer, you get it taken care of and you won’t have to stress when it comes time to graduate! You already have it done!!

Tampa Senior Session Fall


School has started and you are getting the hang of being a senior! Fun school activities such as homecoming, football games, other fall sports and more are in full swing! The days are getting shorter and there is a crisp in the air at night. September and October in Tampa can still be warm which allows you to get a variety in your shoot by bringing an outfit that is more geared toward summer and an outfit that is more fall. Two season looks in one session!

By November, the temperatures are cooling off and the fall colors have officially arrived. If you love the orange, gold, red and green of fall leaves and want that look for the background of your photos, then fall would be the perfect time to book your senior session. Think golden light, rustic settings and vibrant colors as your backdrop.

And what about fall clothes? If you love the idea of cozy sweaters, jeans and boots paired with hats then this is the perfect season for you. Texture and layers are key elements to fall looks and look amazing in photos!

If fall sounds like the perfect time for you, be sure to book your senior session in the summer so you can get available dates for sessions.


While here in Tampa we really don’t have a winter per se, it can still be the perfect season for you! Depending on the look you want, you can do something very urban during the winter time or you could come up with a fun winter-themed concept for your senior photos!

And like I mentioned in the summer months, winter could be a great time for a destination senior shoot….do snowy mountains and warm fires sound good to you? Then let’s book a winter session for your senior photos!

Be sure to contact me during the fall, so you can get all the available winter dates!

Downtown St. Pete Florida Senior Session


This is definitely the busiest time for senior photos but it is also the busiest time for seniors! During the spring, you will be busy with spring break, prom, getting ready for graduation and so much more. So if you choose spring, be mindful of your busy schedule and make sure that the spring works best for you.

March and April in Tampa can be unpredictable as far as weather. Some days are warm and sunny and others are chilly and rainy. Just know that we may have to reschedule so you get the best possible day during the early spring months. But with the rain, comes beautiful flowers and green grass! So the backdrop during spring could be exactly what you want for your senior photos!

Parks are a great location for spring sessions because they provide a spot with green grass, leaves on the trees and colorful flowers.

Keep in mind your timeframe for sending out graduation party invitations or graduation announcements. If you are having a graduation party, you will need to send out invitations 3-6 weeks before the party which means you would need your photos taken to use on those invitations before that. So make sure to book your session about 8 weeks before your graduation party to give yourself plenty of time to get the photos and send out invitations.

If you are doing a graduation announcement, you have a little more time. Announcements are generally sent out much closer to graduation and in some cases even on the same day your graduate. Because you are not inviting people to the ceremony but rather just letting them know you graduated you can send them out all the way up until the day you graduate. So your photos should be taken a few weeks or more before that.

And what about spring fashion? Well if you are someone who loves to wear sundresses, sandals, rompers, shorts or other fun spring clothing, then this season is the right one for you. Think white jeans with a fun colored top or a boho sundress and sandals…all look great in the spring! If spring sounds like the season for you, then be sure to contact me during the winter months to get the available dates before they are booked.

Ready – Set – Let’s Get You Booked

I hope this helps you decide which season is right for you! No matter what season you choose, I look forward to creating the perfect senior photo shoot that is all about you!! To book your senior photo session, head to my website and get that inquiry in!

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July 26, 2023



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