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Dunedin Senior Session

Logan is the first of the Class of 2024 Senior Spokesmodel team to have her individual senior session. We decided on Downtown Dunedin Florida which is by far one of my favorite places to shoot. There is just so much variety that you can capture in a single location. Think city and water views all in the same area. It’s a win win in my book. We got so lucky when it came to the weather. No humidity in the air made for the perfect hair day. Oh who am I kidding… we could have had a brutal heat wave and Logan would have looked amazeballs!!

Smarts and Beauty

Logan is one of my Spokesmodels and I’m so incredibly proud to not only have her on the team, but to know her as a person. Logan is someone that is driven and has so much talent. She wears a bunch of different hats and she excels at them all.

Athletics? ✔️ She’s a soccer wiz.

Creativity? ✔️ She’s the editor of the high school’s yearbook.

Leadership? ✔️ She’s President of Student Council and a member of Pasco Youth Leadership.

Business Savvy? ✔️ She’s a member of FBLA.

This girl does it all and the future is so bright for her!!! I’m so in awe of her and I just love when young ladies aren’t afraid to do more then just the norm. Keep doing you and you can accomplish everything you set your mind to.

Future ?

Logan is still waiting to hear back from a few schools so she’s unsure where she will take herself after graduation. I’ll be sure to update the blog once a decision has been made. What I do know is that any college that gets to have her as a student is going to lucky to have her. Not only will she thrive but I’m sure she will make her mark on the students and campus.

I’m so incredibly blessed and honored to know you and to get to spend your senior year documenting your journey.

Downtown Dunedin Florida

Dunedin FL Senior Session
Dunedin Senior Session
Dunedin Marina Senior Session
Dunedin Florida Senior Session
Class of 2024 Senior Session
Class of 2024 Senior Session
High School Senior
Dunedin Florida Senior
Dunedin Florida Senior Session

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