Living in Sunny Florida isn’t always so sunny.  As a matter of fact it rains.  A LOT!!!  And today was one of those days.  Thankfully mother nature cooperated and the rain let up long enough for Abigail’s head shot session. 

Abigail is a 15 year old rock star that races dirt and asphalt go-karts and is looking to apply to be part of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Youth Program. I’m always super pumped to see beautiful young women follow their dreams no matter what they may be.  But to have a gorgeous teen girl go beyond the norm and challenge herself in a male dominated field is nothing short of amazing. 

I’m super proud to have met you and I wish you nothing but the best in your future.  Good luck with your application I’m certain they will be thrilled to have you in the program. Keep racing!!!
Head Shot Teen


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July 10, 2019



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