Shady Family – Indian Rocks Beach

The Shady Family – Indian Rocks Beach Session

Some of my fondest memories as a child was packing our car and heading out on a road trip to Virginia Beach. I’m an only child but we hardly ever traveled without lots of cousins, aunts and uncles which made the trips more fun. I remember my dad highlighting the route on the map – there was no GPS back then. I remember endless potty stops. I remember getting to our hotel room and crashing from a long journey only to be woken up scared to death from the fireworks going off right outside our room. Sunburns and “surfing” the waves on our rafts. So many memories that I treasure to this day.

I was reminded of how much family vacations are so very special when I headed to Indian Rocks Beach for the Shady family’s session. So happy that memories are still being made. I’m sure Jeff and Angie were soaking up their time with their kids. They grow up way too fast and we need to capture each and every moment we can with them.

Jeff and Angie have three beautiful children and I loved meeting them and watching the bonds they all have with each other. Lauren, Kayla and Cooper have such a great relationship. They played, they were little devils and tackled their parents. They laughed and they for sure were having a great time together.

It’s memories like these that they will remember and share with their own families thirty years from now. It’s these memories that their parents will cherish as they grow up and leave to live their lives as adults.

It’s times like these that make what I do so worthwhile and so very fulfilling to my soul. Thank you for sharing your family with me and for allowing me to capture your love for one another.

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July 8, 2020



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